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  James Verner has been designing and making furniture since 1996. His work is in private collections and houses throughout the world. As people are understandably apprehensive about spending large sums of money on an object that – until it is finished – is little more than a concept, or design, one of the most common questions he is asked is: “How do you commission a piece of bespoke furniture?”

James is very clear about the answer, stating that “Work on a piece should not begin until both the client and I are 100% clear about what is being produced, how much it will cost and when it will be completed.” This is ensured in the following way:

After an initial enquiry, James Verner likes to visit a prospective client, ideally in their home, where their requirements, hopes and aspirations are discussed, and an understanding of the space the piece will inhabit, of materials, timeframes and budgets are arrived at. This is confirmed in writing, and the project is then split into two distinct phases: design and manufacture.

The design process takes the form of a dialogue between James Verner and the client, and results in images for presentation that range from artistic impressions and 2d line drawings to ‘photo-realistic’ images. From these accurate constructional drawings to be used in the studio can be extrapolated. If necessary, samples are prepared and models created. By following this procedure the client is absolutely sure that they know what they’re commissioning, and the studio has a complete set of drawings from which to produce an accurate quotation.

A deposit for manufacture signs off the design and confirms agreement of the quotation, it also reserves materials and work shop capacity. Should the client choose not to proceed at this stage a design fee will be payable (typically about 10% of total project costs).

Our highly skilled team of craftspeople begin to bring your design to life. Often a lengthy and painstaking process due to the individual attention that each piece receives and the fact that new processes and techniques may need to be developed in order to make our clients' dreams a reality. It is entirely up to the client how involved they want to be. As James points out: “Though it is easy to keep clients informed of progress using digital photography and emails, it is surprising how many people are keen to visit the studio and experience the exciting atmosphere of a creative working environment for themselves.”

Once the piece is finished to James’ satisfaction, delivery is arranged and the client has the excitement of viewing the piece that they helped to bring to life in their own home. At this point, a final payment is made. However, very often this is only the beginning of a creative relationship that lasts for many years…

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