Commission Case Study - Elliptoid  
Work Case Study - Sound  

As these case studies will show, and following the process outlined in Commission, James Verner works with some of the most highly skilled craftspeople and specialists in the UK to bring to life works of extraordinary inventiveness, design and craftsmanship.

“Elliptoid”, created by James Verner in 2009 is a collection of two large sofas, an arm chair and footstools for an important Arts and Crafts Manor House; already a home for a large collection of work by James Verner Furniture.
Completely breaking the mould of traditional upholstered furniture it was important to be able to communicate clearly how the pieces would look at each stage of the design process.

Initial pencil sketches captured the form of the sofas which were then adapted to take account of the client’s suggestions.

Computer generated images were produced to show how the finished items would look and the designs signed off.

The complex framework of Birch Plywood was designed and then the components cut by a CNC cutting facility.

After assembly the furniture was upholstered using five hides of the finest quality leather by a specialist upholster having to carefully plan the positions of the seams in order to keep the leather tight around compound concave curves. The footstools, upholstered without stitching, had to have the leather moulded over a former whist wet and then shrunk on to the stools to remain taut.

The pieces were delivered just in time for Christmas which provided the perfect opportunity to discuss the next project, a circular elm table to sit in the same room from which to serve drinks!

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