Commission Case Study - Elliptoid  
Work Case Study - Sound  

As these case studies will show, and following the process outlined in Commission, James Verner works with some of the most highly skilled craftspeople and specialists in the UK to bring to life works of extraordinary inventiveness, design and craftsmanship.

“Sound”, created by James Verner Furniture in 2010, is a low table in stack laminated Oak, and painted, laser engraved glass. Measuring 150 cm long x 90 cm wide x 45 cm high, this piece represents collaboration between James Verner, his clients, his design team, a CNC woodworking facility, specialist glass manufacturers and the digital design research cluster at University College Falmouth.

James Verner Furniture was approached in 2009 by existing clients to design a low table that would reflect the surroundings of their property that overlooked Plymouth Sound. It was to be created for an especially commissioned contemporary glass extension to their existing home.

After their initial meeting at which various design solutions and sketches were discussed, James Verner and his design team created a photo-realistic image of the piece to be created. This enabled his clients to critically assess the piece of furniture that was to be created for them, and, if necessary, make any revisions.

Precise technical drawings for the studio were then extrapolated from this image, enabling James Verner to produce an accurate quotation and timescale for their clients.

The quotation having been approved, over 200 templates were produced by a CNC woodworking facility to enable the JVF Studio to accurately cut and stack laminate the oak components that form the base of the table. These were then carved by hand and polished to form the asymmetrical elliptoid base. A bespoke piece of glass was commissioned, cut and ‘back-painted’ by a specialist glass manufacture in Essex. This was laser etched at University College Falmouth using a prototype laser engraver and laid upon a piece of mirror glass in order to create a fragmented surface effect that simulates rippling water.

The finished piece of furniture was delivered to its home overlooking Plymouth Sound. It now provides a focal point for a contemporary space that unifies its interior with its surroundings.

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